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Paperless Medical Records and Patient Management

Get your patient database stored & ingress from anywhere . A kind of database management system that enables you to store, modify and extract information from the database. You are provided with the option to access your patient database from anywhere.

My Wallet

Your Health Wallet will be very handy in the hour of the need. Just recharge your account, and you can call the doctors anytime, have a video chat, and have conversations on mails without transacting any amount. The best part is you can withdraw your balance anytime without any deductions.

Patient Management Software

In pursuit of our endeavor to serve doctors with the latest state of art technology , GuideMyTreatment has been making relentless efforts in R&D .

Extended Reach

Our focus is to make the doctor available and present with the patients at the right time to the right audience .

Dedicated Online Appointment module

Doctor will receive a sms and an e- mail whenever the patient will book an appointment .
Appointments will be shown on the doctor’s calendar also
Patients can cancel or postpone their appointments as per available slots , hence reducing no shows and filling up vacant slots and reducing waiting time at clinic .

Patient Relation Management

Whenever doctor uses our software and registers a patient , patient will be sent a personal sms and an e- mail from doctor’s clinic , welcoming them .
Patients will get the appointment sms and mail , feedback sms and mail , appointment reminders and birthday wishes along with get well soon communication .

Dedicated Receptionist

We know your time is very precious , so we at Ploutos R & D department are highly motivated and continuously developing solutions to make your life simple . One Such product is “Dedicated Receptionist “

Doctors dedicated Profile

The Doctor’s Name , qualifications , awards , fees ,experience ,multiple clinic address with map , photo , feedbacks , recommendations , packages ,online appointment link , online consultation link , option for patients to give feedback , rating , recommendations , referrals , option to leave a message and much more .

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