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Welcome To Medical Tourism

India’s very own national Health Portal has been initiated where you can book an appointment with the doctors. This portal offers a database on medical information on popular health services near the person seeking assistance so that he can make informed choices about his healthcare. Apart from this it provides a vision with cost effective and quality health services which has strict timelines for maintaining the highest standards of professionalism which is beneficiary for the doctors as well as for the patients also

Advantages for the doctors:

This portal helps in interaction between the doctor and the patient which gives wider scope connectivity. Through this the doctors are able to understand their patients profile that leads to creation of relevance engage with their patients and serves larger patient audience. Hence it leads to patient loyalty towards their doctors because the services provided by them are satisfactory to the patients.

Advantages to the patients:

On the other hand patients have a huge advantage that is through this portal they are able to understand their doctors better before meeting them in person. Earlier the patients had to wait for hours for their turn but now they can consume their time by Pre- filling the information and confirming through this portal. The patients can book their appointment anytime and from anywhere as the service is available 24/7.

Medical Tourism

With all the information at one place about the doctor’spatient and nurses leads to better equip which in turn helps in making right health decisions through

  1. Promoting effective communication at all levels (like: doctor to doctor /doctor to patient/patient/to doctor/patient to patient)
  2. Helps in establishing quality in services associated with the website
  3. Improves hospital dealings and promote patient satisfaction
  4. Promotes high standards of safety and care for patients as well as hospitals.
  5. Enables a systematic approach towards quality and cost control.
  6. Enables education of users and members in an efficient - interactive way.
  7. Ascertain plans for performance improvement activities.
  8. Enable timely and easy access to facts, correct information, updates and personnel.
  9. Promotes Medical Tourism and associated services as an area of expertise.

Medical tourism is a growing sector in India. Medical treatment in India includes reduced costs, the availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance on international quality standards. Therefore India is turning into a Medical Tourism Hub because

  1. Exorbitant Costs of Healthcare in Industrialized Nations
  2. Ease and Affordability of International Travel
  3. Rapidly Improving Technology &Standards of Care in India
  4. Proven Safety of Healthcare in the Country
  5. Growth of Technology
  6. Cultural/ Touristic Attractions
  7. Prevalence of Alternate Treatments (Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy)

But a study has indicated that the increasing number of foreign patients flocking to India for treatment is likely to close the country's earning to Rs.100 billion (US$ 2.3 billion) through 'Medical Tourism' by the end of this year and that The Confederation of Indian Industry and Mckinsey consultants jointly conducted a study and concluded that the number of foreigners visiting India for treatment is expected to rise by 15 percent every year.

Medical or Health tourism has become a common form of vacationing, and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. It mixes leisure, fun and relaxation together with wellness and healthcare. Things are changing drastically in favour of India, especially in view of the high quality expertise of medical professionals, backed by the fast improving equipment and nursing facilities, and above all, the cost-effectiveness of the package. With the latest and best medical treatment at an economical cost, India is fast becoming the ‘Medical Tourism Capital’ for countries like USA, UK, Europe, Gulf, Africa and Far East etc.In the present scenario where the doctors are given utmost respect worldwide, why not induce your patients with the feeling that you care for them too. So we at PLOUTOS Medical Tourism have a vision to Organize this sector and making the patient and decision maker fully equipped with 100 % transparent information to help them making an aware decision about their treatment. .Organized Medical tourism will help the Govt have a complete record of how many patients are going abroad for medical tourism, which patient is in which Hospital / Clinic, duration of their stay / treatment,etc.

Ploutos intends to reduce the inconsistency in data that the healthcare sector is currently fraught with by making all the relevant facts and information readily available to its users. Ploutos also has a section on blogs about Patient to Patient Blogs, Patient to Doctor Blogs and Doctor to Doctor Blogs which gives a updates on all the medical happenings, qualification and profile of doctor along with their availabilitybefore visiting them.Hence to make India a ‘Medical Hub’ itpromotes International and Domestic Medical Tourism that develops portal ( to promote Medical Tourism in India that helps in:

  • Organizing seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other promotional activities to sensitize the right audience on Medical Tourism in India and abroad.
  • Enlist the support of NRI’s, PIO’s, and Foreign Tour Operators, Foreign Insurance Companies on promoting Medical Tourism in India.
  • Develops quality standards of services associated with Medical Tourism, namely; hospitals, hotels, resorts, travel and insuranceonline and offline Medical Tourism Directory and offer consultancy services to organizations/ agencies directly or indirectly involved in this field in India.
  • Suggests improvements in the infrastructure to Government of India/ State Governments to enable world-class service provision with increased foreign exchange earnings.
  • To encourage and engages Medical Tourism activities at an international level and facilitates training on Medical Tourism that is recognizable worldwide.
  • Provides affordable medical services with the right team at service and affiliates to countries across the globe as their official ‘Treatment Partner’

The Ploutos is a continuous process which starts with The patient / Respective Government contacts us and conveys the message/ report/ symptoms/ previous discharge summary through email/ phone/ fax (a form is available on site with instructions as well). The patient expresses an interest in travelling/ touring/ sightseeing in India at this stage.

  • Then Digitized information is sent to the in-house specialist doctors of Ploutos( bunch of specialized doctors). These doctors scrutinize the digital reports and the information collated is then sent across to the empanelled hospitals / specialized doctors in their clinics for best quote for treatment. A quotation is prepared basis the cost of treatment, hospital, nurse/ helper, translator, vehicle/ ambulance as per the patient’s requirements.
  • The best discounted costing is then sent back to the concerned person to enable decision making, we also help them with in case they need an opinion.Patient is then informed about the date of admission/ duration of stay/ date of discharge along with the total expenditure.
  • Patient is received by a nurse/ helper/ translator/ vehicle/ ambulance (as per the requirements mentioned) on arrival in India.Patient is taken to the hospital or hotel and his/ her family is informed on a daily basis about his/ her condition.
  • Patient’s stay at the hospital is completely taken care off by us and on the day of discharge he/ she is taken back to his place of stay. Patient and his/ her family are also assisted throughout for general tourism/ travel and sightseeing purposes.

Ploutos‘s Medical Tourism service providers see off the patient till the final exit point in the country.PLOUTOS will be in regular touch with the patient once they have reached their home to facilitate their follow ups or any after problem related to treatment with the doctor. PLOUTOS will digitize all the health records of the patients and share it with patient, in case of future consultation on behalf of patient; these records will be used for doctor reference.

The main of Ploutos is to take provide effective and reliable service to the patients for maintaining all their medical records all at one place. It always provides the bet services to the patient by referring them to a 5 star hospital/clinic. It ensures that the patient is received by the hospital without any problem and there is no transparency in the charges. There is no prior information of doctor is given who will treat the patient and follow up is done with the patient once he is admitted to the hospital or leaves the country. Hence proper information is provided and taken from the patient.

The biggest question arises what makes our portal different from others. Well we are affiliated to PLOUTOS are not linked with only a couple of multi specialty hospitals in India, we are working with more than 3000 specialist doctors along with dozens of hospitals , specialty clinics. A Doctor treating a patient for not a critical disease will charge at least30 % less at his clinic empanelled with PLOUTOS instead of a treating the same patient in a multi specialty hospital.

  • We have listed a majority of Doctors on our portal , so that the patient can see the doctor profile who will be treating them , along with their qualification , experience , fees , their feedbacks and reviews.
  • PLOUTOS will provide at least 3-4 options of doctors / hospitals like economical , luxury , quick , etc to the patient instead to pushing only single option and We digitize the entire health records of the patient for future reference
  • We will keep the family of the patient in their home town informed about the status and updates of patient on daily basis.
  • Every Patient will have a dedicated patient manager and a user account online.
  • We at PLOUTOS believe in having a long term relation with our clients , so if the patient has a problem after a week or even after 10 years from now , they can tell the patient ID and we will get the digitized records of the patients and will assist the patient in their problem
  • We understand that various require and follow up from the doctor as it is not possible to visit for minor, we have an online consultation option where the patient can pay the consultation charges of the doctor and get tele consultation facility .
  • We have various modules of sightseeing , tour packages at very good prices to give the true “ Medical TOURISM “ experience to the patients

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